Talent Management In A Crisis | @MervynDinnen on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Aug 3, 2020

Talent Management: create candidate ambassadors and advocates

On this week’s show, we focused on the role of Talent Management. How do these teams respond in the current post-pandemic climate?. Who better to invite on the show to discuss this than Writer, International Keynote Speaker, and commentator on all key tech talent trends, Mervyn Dinnen.

As the co-author of Exceptional Talent, Mervyn is well-versed in discussing how attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining the right people is crucial to an organisation’s success. We ask, how does that differ for Talent Management teams post-COVID19?

Mervyn gives us his definition of Talent Management.

“Basically, it’s everything that happens from actually having an offer accepted through to them [the employee] wanting to leave”. In short, “it’s on-boarding, it’s performance management, development, training and its internal mobility”.

Internal mobility is becoming more important

*BREAKING NEWS*  Mervyn makes us aware that there is another book in the pipeline called Digital Talent (due in April 2021). With this in mind, we explore how attracting, engagement, and hiring have evolved.  From 2017 when he penned Exceptional Talent he tells us, “everyone is now Digital Talent and how does that translate. What is Digital Transformation, what are digital skills and what is a digital mindset?”

We ask Mervyn about the trends he is noticing in the workplace.

“What I’ve seen so far from interviews and surveys, companies are now saying there are hiring freezes. In addition, they have got to make more of the people they have got. They are all of a sudden accelerating into digital learning”. Internal mobility is now becoming more important”.

In reality, putting talent management teams and businesses on notice, Mervyn says. “VUCA has kind of hit. It’s complex, it’s ambiguous and it’s uncertain”.

If that wasn’t enough, below you’ll hear Mervyn talk about:

  • Defining the full talent management lifecycle
  • What’s the value of candidate advocacy?
  • Creating a culture of growth and development
  • Internal mobility is vital for talent development
  • The ‘new normal’ versus the ‘old normal’
  • Measuring talent management ROI

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