It’s Recruitment Jim But Not As We Know It | @JimStroud on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | May 19, 2019

I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got, Captain!

This week on the show Katrina and Audra bravely go where no web show hosts have gone before – the recruitment world of Jim Stroud! A longtime friend of the show, Jim joins for his 3rd time… surely this time the tech will work? 😱

For those of you not familiar with Jim, he started his career in recruitment 1997 when he answered an advert on an agency job board that said: “get paid to surf the internet”. Fast-forward to 2019 and Jim is now Product Evangelist for ClickIQ were his role requires him to “sing its praises and tell people how awesome it is!”.

On the show (around the load-reload merry-go-round of tech issues which were “highly illogical Jim!” 😬) he manages to tell us about his recent Indeed event and key takeaways such as

“Hiring people that are good at collaborating” and “the types of companies that are resistant to recession.”

Change is the essential process of all existence!

Jim is always at the forefront of recruitment innovation and he shares with us his thoughts on chatbot technology and how in a demo “a chatbot was engaging a candidate in real-time” and he thought,

“WOW! – I wonder if this will replace recruiters?”.

Going further into the future of the workplace, Jim tells us about companies that are “microchipping their employees” and ‘smart caps’. Reassuringly, he thinks

“One thing that is going to stop some companies going ‘full robot’ is the negative reaction, we need to avoid a population of out of work people that are angry with nothing to do.”

Leaving us with a final thought, Jim tells us how the future is “mesmerising and scary to watch at the same time”.

If that wasn’t enough, between tech fails, below you’ll hear Jim talk about:

  • The value of positive employee brand advocacy
  • How to avoid Karōshi in the workplace
  • LinkedIn’s new live streaming service
  • Social recruiting through dating apps – good or bad idea?
  • Amazon’s drive to fully automate

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