5 Minutes On: Fuelling Hate On Social Media

by | Oct 1, 2020

Hate. Please Stop Fuelling It On Social Media!

Stop Fuelling Hate Online was transcribed by Otter.ai

Hello, it’s Katrina Collier. And I want to talk about hate. It feels like everywhere you turn right now there’s hate. Many people have, unfortunately, witnessed a presidential debate which promoted nothing but hate and disrespect. Everywhere you turn is a bigot, or, there’s a racist writing a comment that’s fuelling hate. And then there’s other people who hate that are passing that on, it just seems to be everywhere. And I want you to think about a few things.

Firstly, the Internet is forever. Steve Levy even ended up on the news talking about that, Madison Butler will tell you a lot about the internet is forever. Those comments that you write, they can be screenshot, and they can be kept. Even if you delete them minutes later, they can be kept. They’re a record. So that in itself should be enough to make you stop.

But actually, if you’re feeling the need to write hateful things, on the Internet, I’d like you to go and have a really good look in the mirror. Because many times the person that we’re hating isn’t the person that we’re writing those comments about or to, it’s ourselves. I mean, if you feel the need to write a comment, based on someone’s skin colour, their religion, their ethnicity, their gender or not gender for that case, I had to write a note to make sure I got them all, the socio-economic class they are in whatever it might be, if you feel the need just to hate on somebody, because of those things, I really need you to go and take a really hard look in the mirror, because you are projecting your own hatred.

And you shouldn’t really dislike somebody unless it’s based on their behaviour, something that they have done to you. And then fair enough, if you dislike someone. But just to base it on those things alone, is a cause for concern. Now, the reason that I say this is that I understand why you’re doing it, I used to be absolutely riddled with self-hatred, the child abuse I received, set me up to feel lacking in worth and absolutely full to the brim of self-hatred. And if it wasn’t, for me falling into therapy/coaching with the amazing Michelle Zelli, when I hit 40, I would still be full of it. And I was so full of it, that it was easier for me to tear everybody else down around me to make myself feel better. And it did make myself feel better for a few moments until the reality of my self-hatred just continued on, and the loneliness and the isolation and the lack of friends and everything that comes with that toxicity.

So that’s why I’m asking you to look at if I’m writing a comment that’s full of hate that’s based on those kinds of things, not on a behaviour, then you have to kind of wonder, where it’s really, really coming from, and I believe it will be coming from projected self-hate. I’ve been saying for a really long time for those that have heard me say it, that if you compare Trump who is full of self-hate, with Obama, who’s full of self-love, their behaviours are really, really different, because of how they feel about themselves. And it’s definitely worth taking a moment and really thinking about that.

I have some beautiful people in my life who are always talking about ‘be kind, be kind’ and that’s absolutely right. Be kind. But if you don’t love who you are, and you don’t feel worthy, it’s very, very difficult to be kind. Because being kind, is like, you have to be quite content with yourself and happy and then it’s just natural, you just will, you just will naturally treat people the way you want to be treated.

So I beg of you, don’t fuel more hatred right now in this social media time. If you’re about to write a comment if you’re about to jump on the bandwagon of all of this hate that’s going on, stop and have a look at what you’re doing. Potentially ruining your future with a screenshot that’s going to come back and bite you on the bottom. Or perhaps it’s just time that you actually went, ‘you know what genuinely I need to do some work, I need some help here. I don’t like who I am here, by deflecting it off onto other people, I’m making myself feel better.’ Because I genuinely believe that’s what you’re doing.

As ever, you are more than welcome to argue with me if you think that I’m wrong, but I just can’t see how others can hate on other people unless they hate who they are. I just genuinely believe that. And having gone through the work to go from self-hate to self-love. I have watched myself go from tearing other people down to make myself feel better to not even entering my head to do that. Sure, there are people out there I dislike because their behaviour towards me has not been great. There’s no denying it. Of course, I can’t like everybody, but I don’t tear other people down to make myself feel good. I don’t write hatred on the Internet, just to make myself feel good, I don’t troll people, because it makes me feel good. It’s just I make myself feel good just by liking who I am and just being happy with everything that I get to do.

Anyway, a five-minute rant, I haven’t done one for a while I did say I would not do these unless I had something I really wanted to say. But right now there is enough hate in the world. Could we just not fuel it please, please stop fuelling it. Thank you for your time.


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