Diversity: Is It The End Of Manels? | @LouiseTriance on The #SocialRecruiting Show

by | Oct 6, 2019

Diversity is more than just men and women

This week we welcomed Louise Triance back to the show. We talk about how recruitment and HR event organisers can increase diversity in speaking panels.  And how “manels” (all-male panels) may not represent the diversity of the audience.

For the very few people that aren’t aware of Louise, she is the Managing Director of the hugely successful UK Recruiter. Which runs events, online webcasts and everything from e-Newsletters to online content. Informing the UK recruitment industry from new joiners to experienced and established Talent Acquisition Directors.

Having over 12 years of experience of organising and delivering recruitment events. Louise is well-informed on the challenges facing event organisers. She tells us,

“I don’t think, until the last 3 years, I’ve tried to be diverse. If you do not find the people with diverse knowledge, you’re going to get more of the same on event panels.”

It shouldn’t be a tick box exercise

Highlighting another challenge for event organisers thinking initially about just gender diversity. 

“I’ve had more women decline to speak than men, the reasons for this are more complex.”

She has “total sympathy with people running their first events as it is really difficult”. She said that she would “pick people that were well known to speak”. However, the chances are that “more of them would be men”. Louise is also sensitive to new speakers. She mentions, “bad panels must be crushing.” Strong panel hosts are key to ensuring a balanced discussion.

As diversity is key, however, nobody wants to be part of a ‘tick box,’ exercise. Louise states,

“Until we get to the stage where people are doing this because they are doing it, we have to tick some boxes. However, as an organiser you should have a matrix in your mind.”

Below you’ll also hear Louise talk about:


  • Engaging and understanding your event speakers 
  • Tips to find new speakers
  • How topics can influence panel diversity 
  • Empowering individuals to speak at events 
  • Events with gender, ethnic and neurodiversity 
  • Diversity and inclusion

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