It’s time to conquer hiring.

And what if I helped you make it easier than conquering Kilimanjaro? (which I conquered in 2011! )

Entering 2023, I felt compelled to put pen to paper and write a book for all managers and leaders so they could conquer hiring. Because most managers and leaders don’t enjoy recruiting for their team and don’t realise that if they spent a little more time upfront, that they could save a bucket load of time, money & embarrassment, down the line. And make the whole process easier.


‘How can you possibly conquer hiring when it’s in flux?’

But is it? Maybe it’s only in flux because not enough time is spent at the start working out who you really need. Maybe it’s because an old job description (or worse one ripped off the internet) was used as the basis of hiring. Maybe it’s because you have your day job to focus on & really don’t like giving time over to hiring. 😬

Everything that is wrong with hiring starts at the intake/job brief. I realised this when I wrote The Robot-Proof Recruiter but neither side give it enough emphasis. In fact, I couldn’t find a book dedicated to it nor could I find anything that challenges the human behaviour that is preventing managers and talent acquisition partnering together properly on hiring.

So that’s what I am writing – for leaders and managers:

  • The consequences of a failed job brief/kick-off/intake
  • The cost – financially, in time, and to your reputation (& even your back pocket)
  • How to actually articulate what you need (hint: not by looking backwards!)
  • How to partner with Talent Acquisition to save time, money & face
  • A formula that you can use to get it right in every future job brief

Audacious, right!

I have started (without using any form of GPT!) and expect it to be as super-gritty as The Robot-Proof Recruiter. It already contains many other voices, examples and case studies.


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