Direct exposure to a recruitment role model like you, Katrina, is invaluable to my personal development within the TA/Recruitment function.

Suzanne Lornie, In-House Recruiter

The Mastermind will make you a more successful recruiter

Have you ever seen a candidate-driven market as strong as this? To win in this, you’ll need a fresh approach.

On its own, tech won’t fill your jobs. If it did, you’d have a 100% email response rate.

Think about the last irrelevant InMail or email you received. The one talking about the unsuitable or insultingly junior job. The one that made you roll your eyes and hit delete.

Did the sender use their curiosity? Did they build trust? Did they influence you? No! They wasted your irreplaceable time.

Technology alone won’t make you an exceptional recruiter. Using your human skills will. And that’s why I created the Mastermind.

The Mastermind is a unique shared learning experience

Mastermind Katrina Collier

Partnerships. Hone the human skills that expect no less than a team effort.

Mastermind Katrina Collier

Fill more jobs! Great partnerships create fruitful engagement with candidates.

Mastermind Katrina Collier

Relove your job by creating ease in the hiring process and reducing stress.

Mastermind Katrina Collier

New ideas. Gain new perspectives from me and your Mastermind pod.

Mastermind Katrina Collier

Leave isolation and gain a cheer squad of recruiter peers to lean on and support.

What your peers say

Katrina’s Mastermind sessions and challenges are thought-provoking. They have made me think about why I have some strong relations, while some are loose ends. They help me think about inner me, my past and present decisions, and my personal and professional values. It is strengthening me every day. In our busy lives, I feel we all need this Mastermind to discover who we really are, what we could become, and how can we get better through learning. I am in constant learning and thinking mode Katrina, thanks for making it happen!

June Agrawal

Senior Talent Attraction Lead, Robots & Pencils



– Xun Kuang

Choose the Mastermind that works for you

Live shared-learning

A 6-month Mastermind with a pod of recruiter peers. We meet live each month. And you will find it thought-provoking, fun, interactive & a safe space to turn up as you are!

Self-directed study

For recruiters who cannot commit to time together each month or live in an incompatible time zone. Over 6 months, you receive the same thought provoking content.