The Mastermind has been put to bed...

The Mastermind was the antidote to unresponsive hiring managers and candidates

You have followed a link here from somewhere on the web only to find that I’ve called time on the Mastermind. It was great and something positive that came out of the pandemic, especially 2020. I loved watching recruiters grow!

But right now I need to focus on delivering workshops that swiftly uncover to the hidden cause of recruitment and candidate experience problems so companies can fix them, fast! These workshops are super impactful to every company’s talent acquisition.

And who doesn’t need that in this candidate-owned market?


I’m sorry if you feel disappointed but you can always:

Hi! I'm Katrina Collier 👋🏻

Hi! I'm Katrina Collier 👋🏻


I've been in recruitment and talent acquisition for over 18 years. From agency, to in-house, then training & speaking. You may know me as the Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter or host of The Hiring Partner Perspective podcast.

Today, I am a Mentor, and a Facilitator of workshops that uncover the real problems in a company's talent acquisition and candidate experience, making hiring harder than it need be.

I am on a mission to end the collaboration chaos ruining recruitment. And I'd love to help your company iron out its recruitment wrinkles. And show you it is possible to deliver a great candidate experience, with ease.